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Kämpinge GF



KGF - Fas -1-3.jpg

"In good shape since 1973"

Kämpinge GF is a non-profit gymnastics organization with over 1800 members, making it the largest one in the south of Sweden. As a part of celebrating their 50-year anniversary Kämpinge GF wanted to give their brand and facilities a refresh, to give their members at least 50 more years of being in good shape.

"50 years of achievements"

In order to celebrate the history we began by digging in the archives. Kämpinge GF has achieved great success in both national and international competitions in team gym, shows, and not least rope skipping. There are Swedish champions, Nordic champions, and several world champions in the association's history books. A trophy wall was designed in order to celebrate just that.

KGF - Fas -1-2jpg.jpg
KGF - Fas -1-15.jpg
KGF - Fas -1-17.jpg
KGF - Fas -1-18.jpg

"A green design language"

For the first time since 1973, the original logotype now exists digitally. The brand is visually based on previously used graphics that has been refreshed and tailored for a digital society. For example, Kämpinge Original is a custom typeface I made based on the lettering in the original logotype from 1973.

Original logo .jpg

1973 Logotype

Skärmavbild 2022-01-07 kl. 16.13.03.png

2016 updated badge


2021 Badge


New wordmark


New wordmark, short

Kämpinge Original1.jpg

"The original navigation system"

Kämpinge Original was put in use for the wayfinding system which created a coherent look and a more obvious experience navigating around the facilities.

KGF - Fas -1-11.jpg
KGF - Fas -.jpg

"Inspired by Kämpinge"

To make the members of Kämpinge GF feel like home in the facilities we added elements they would associate with Kämpinge.

KGF - Fas -1-5.jpg

"Joy of movement through generations"

Kämpinge GF offers training for all ages. Everything from parent exercising with newborns, to large groups of bright and enthusiastic seniors. Several mediums are being used to communicate with the wide target audience. For example, Instagram & Facebook is used to reach a younger generation while physical promotions such as brochures and show performances are used to reach an older generation.


Service: Art Direction, Graphic design, Renovation, Strategy.

Credit: Anton Nässel (Renovation, Planning)

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