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Social Media experiment - Week 1

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

I chose Offal as my type of food. Mainly because I do have an interest in at but also because it's super weird that we don't eat the entire animal in the most common human diet. I started out by making a mind map. Just writing things down that came out from my research. In that way I have everything gathered on the same paper. The idea developed even more and now, in the end of this week, I actually started to come somewhere.

I had some issues with Instagram. They banned my account before I can was able to get on it. Still haven't been able to access it. To be continued..

Inactivation mail, trying to solve the problem.

Moodboard for current Offal

Moodboard for what I want to achieve.

I want to create a beautiful & super professional looking feed. Targeting butchers and chefs I want to post beautiful plates made in a fine dining way. Combine that with the recipes I'll hopefully gather their trust pretty quick.

I want in the future turn it up a notch, and provoke one of the easiest groups to provoke, The vegans. Offal food actually is a very sustainable way of eating, and because of that I'll try to provoke the vegans to gather some attention. An example of a post could be "What if vegans had brains?". That will probably provoke a lot of vegans. When they click on the post and read the caption it will in fact not be a provocative text. It will say something like "What if vegans had brain? Well, they wouldn't eat it, but here's a recipe for the people that eat meat. If you are going to eat meat then try to make use of the entire animal. Brain has a taste of...."

I think that would be a super fun way of provoking but not doing it too much.

The first try of arranging a poster. Looked a bit too stiff so I tried to develop it.

The second, maybe the final version. I was pleased with the playfulness that this design gave me. Afterall I want to blend playfulnes together with a very serious and professional recipe bank of offal foods.

I did plan my feed for a couple of posts in the future as well. Just have an idea of what I'm going to look for when searching for content.

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