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Social Media experiment - Introducing Twitter and Reddit (Possibly Tik Tok)

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Because I'm working with statements and provoking people I think it's a wise move to introduce Twitter. Twitter is all about discussing and it's become a place for vegans to talk and get angry at other people. That is why I'm taking the step to expand to Twitter.

The reason I chose Reddit is that people are so up to date on that forum and you actually can't post whatever you want, which means that you sometimes will get good discussions. On Reddit, I don't want to provoke any vegans. This forum is for me to create discussions with different food movements and get a better understanding of how they are thinking and what makes them have a special diet. I think it's always good to at least try to understand everyone and accept their view of thinking, even though I don't agree. It's also good to know your "enemies" if you're getting into a discussion with them. If I know a lot about my argument and also a lot about their argument I've put myself in a good position to point the discussion in a way so that I can go out of the discussion as a winner. So if I'm going to go along the provocative route I might aswell know my enemies.

The reason I might introduce Tik Tok is that I want to experiment a little. It's not an obvious move but It's definitely an interesting one. I don't think that I've realized how big Tik Tok is and how many people actually react to each other on that platform. I'm thinking of making funny and cringing videos where I continue to provoke vegans and promote the nose to tail eating movement.

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