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Social Media experiment - Week 3

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

This week was all about just posting content. Looking at my plan for upcoming posts, this week was supposed to have one post a day and it would be both pictures of food and some educational posts with articles linked to them.

Said and almost done. I, unfortunately, I didn't post every day. I realized that using people's content is the only and easiest way for me to get content to be able to post everyday. However, getting their permission before posting is super good, they get happy and It also creates sort of a relationship when I introduce the "company". But when people don't answer or read the message it makes it hard for me to wait and not being able to post. So I decided to always send a message before I repost someone else content, but them not answering me won't stop me from using their content. If they get mad or something I'll remove the picture but still, I deliver a post for my followers that I later can remove if that would become the case.

I did a very simple animation that linked to an article. The reason I made it into a moving image is that it's a little funnier to look at for the followers than just a regular picture. And also that I read in my research about Instagram ranking people who post videos aswell higher in their algorithm. Because they launched Instagram TV not too long ago they want people to start putting content there and therefore they rank the ones who post videos higher.

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