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Social Media experiment - Week 4

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

This time I feel like I've built a foundation on my Instagram. If people go to my feed, they will actually see some content that looks sort of legit. I've thought of a campaign for a while, but since my approach is to be educational and look very trustworthy I didn't want to do the campaign to be launched before I actually had a base of followers that believed in "the company" and trusted the journey. If I would have done it earlier I think my followers would have gotten a bit intrigued and therefore unfollowed me.

So this week it was time to launch the campaign. I'm thinking of actually putting posters up on the trains where everyone looks at the ads. The campaign is just three statements that are joking with vegans. I think that the vegan movement is very easy antagonized, therefore I'm trying to joke with them, make them mad, then not mad and in the end hopefully brings a reaction that might start a discussion.

Before putting these pictures out I'll post one recipe of a dish with hearts and one recipe with brains. The caption will be: What if vegans had brains? Well, they wouldn't eat them? They're vegan. But if you as a meat-eater would like to find a recipe for how to cook brains then make sure to check the feed out. There you'll find a recipe.

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